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Madden 22 Tua tagovailoa's Madden rating

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Date de début 11-18-21 - 10:42
Date de fin 12-31-21 - 10:42
  • La description

    The issue persists several days later, as per the Xbox Status page. It is still displaying an issue in NBA 2K22, but it's close to being addressed. Dexerto further reports that they also sent a follow-up tweet that declared that they were looking into issues regarding Madden 22 (and FIFA 22) in addition to the other issues mentioned previously. But, that tweet was later removed for unknown reasons.

    Microsoft has not yet provided any temporary solution. Instead, they are just warning you to stay tuned for more details. However, as we said in our previous post about the crash, YouTuber Nvad3 has provided temporary fixes by pressing up on the d-pad continually until you are able to load The City when trying to load MyCareer.

    The reason for this is that the map causes the game to crash. You can clear of the map before it appears to avoid this. Opening up the map after it has been completed, however, can cause the crash, therefore avoid the map for now.

    This is only a temporary fix. We hope there will be a permanent fix for the Xbox console's failure to play NBA 2K22 as well as Madden 22. The fans have been waiting for a few weeks since it first surfaced and it's something that should be addressed sooner rather than later, especially in the event that it affects the game in question.

    Madden 22 Tua tagovailoa's Madden rating has dropped following the latest Week 2 roster update. In years past, I've discovered that many people are extremely upset over Madden ratings. This is the reason why every year, I try my best to stay updated with the most recent Madden trends and roster changes from week to the next.

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