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RuneScape - It appears that you brought the adamant bars

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Date de début 11-23-21 - 09:55
Date de fin 12-31-21 - 09:55
  • La description

    Utilize your skills as a thief to locate them. Follow them, but do not go too close, or Colonel Grimmson will be able to spot you. Be sure to stay at least five squares in front of them. As they approach Hreidmar's home, spy at the window to see that they have been magically contacted. They will be commanded to meet at "the location" by a person. The Boatman will take them to the location. Before you can stow away on the boat, however, you may want some food and combat gear This is going to be ugly, I swear.

    Take a look at the Dwarven Boatman. Instead of speaking to him, you could get aboard the ship, and the Red Axe members will tell the boatman that they're giving an adamant bar load to "them". After a few minutes, you'll be led to the Keldagrim cave that only Red Axe knows about. Keep an eye out for when you see the Red Axe members advance to the next room before emerging from the vessel. You don't want to know what happens if caught.

    Once they've left, go over to the door to check for traps. Disable the traps, then walk through the door and check the balcony to see three Dragonkin below you, with one of them has a name, Wyvoch. Wyvoch is one of the Kin you saw after While Guthix is asleep. Red Axe members will be entering. They're allies. Now, why should the Dragonkin want allies who are unfeeling businessmen who have an economic power so powerful that they are able to flagrantly violate the law, or cause recessions without warning? I think that question answers itself. A conversation follows:

    It appears that you brought the adamant bars. Yes, we did. Our Chaos Dwarves are taking them off the market soon. Why do you love them so much? We'll explain. We can ask Grimmson to do an favor. Let me guess, you would like me to test your new Dragon. You'll soon see why Adamant is so vital.

    Colonel Grimmson will fight Adamant Dragon at level 186 in the arena. Yes. Level 186. He will easily beat it. You were wrong. The animation spell will not work on adamant.

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