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RuneScape - The community has to be adamant about following rules

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RuneScape - The community has to be adamant about following rules n'a pas encore posté rien
Date de début 09-23-21 - 11:20
Date de fin 10-31-21 - 11:20
  • La description

    Although we have been able to win small battles by spending significant money and resources in trying to tackle this issue however, the battle isn't going in our favour because we're struggling to keep up with companies whose only work hours are 24 hours 7 days a week is finding ways to get bots to play. In spite of all our efforts, however, one thing is for certain.

    We can't win this battle alone. We need your support. What can you do to help? We're looking to hear your feedback in a more coordinated manner regarding the bots issue. To learn more about bots, we'll be creating surveys. We would love your feedback.

    We'd like to set up a special forum where we can have specific Q&A's as well as get formal feedback from you about specific initiatives. We will let you know when this forum is up and running and invite you to join us. We hope you will encourage and encourage your friends to use the tools we offer to help you recognize and ban bots like the Spam Filter feature.

    We ask that you stop supporting or using bots to help gold farmers. Bots will cease to exist when there's no market. One of the most effective articles was "Standing Up to Jagex" (by voice one's opinion about botting). Although this might be a bit intimidating but it's much more easy to stand up to your friends.

    "The community has to be adamant about following rules and shunning people who do not," the player added. Lacking customers, the websites that created the bots will close, and the only botter is the only real player. In the end, adhering to the three principles of the code of conduct that Jagex set up-"Honour," "Respect," and "Security" are the obligation of players and the community in the same way as they are of Jagex."

    Want to learn more about RuneScape gold at