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RuneScape - This isn't the best method

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RuneScape - This isn't the best method n'a pas encore posté rien
Date de début 12-12-21 - 09:32
Date de fin 01-31-22 - 09:32
  • La description

    So here's what I'm going to do. I did some of the Math last night and it's likely to have altered a bit. I'll end up with about 120k or so of Gold Ore when I get 99. I'm not sure where I am as of now, but it isn't a problem. This will result in 80-95 Smithing. Following that, I'll need 75k or more in Gold Ore for 99. In addition, with the price of bars and ore, I'll have 11M profits because I mined everything therefore there is no way I lose the money, should there? I'm posting on my iPod, which makes it too difficult to calculate the numbers.

    Hope this made a little more sense. My main question was the Math aspect, as at the time I was sleepy haha. Basically I calculated amount of ore extracted from 99 Mining, while also calculating how much it would cost in. Approx. 26M or about 26M.

    Then , how much bars I'd have to bar for 99 Smithing, and the amount I'd need to pay. Approx. 27M or more or less. I'll need around 75,000 Gold ore in 95-99. This is about 16M. If I can sell all bars that's 28M thus I'll get around 11-12M profit.

    I believe that this is true, but it's still a little unclear while I was thinking about it inside my head. In addition, I was exhausted since it was about 4:30AM. Also I didn't add the potential amount of money different if I buy the Gold ore in the beginning instead of using it to learn Smithing thus it added more confusion to me.

    This isn't the best method but it's what I've done and it works. It's also relatively inexpensive when you're doing it correctly At the very least, I earn an income on every visit (not significantly, but it's still profit). Black dragonhide top/legs (I normally use what's left of my prayer points to take out Ahrim but if for some reason I'm not able to get points of PP when I'm fighting Ah the Black dragonhide will help)

    Want to learn more about OSRS gold at