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The gameplay in NBA 2K is solid

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Date de début 09-29-21 - 13:50
Date de fin 10-31-21 - 13:50
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    I would like to make my character distinct from the rest of the crowd. Female MyPlayers – The WNBA made it into NBA 2K last season, and it performed well. It was refreshing to play against entirely different teams. The popularity of the WNBA is the basis for my next suggestion.

    It is possible to create a MyPlayer female who has their own Career mode. 2K Sports could write a story about a female college basketball player makes it into the WNBA. A second MyCareer story could keep the game fresh for longer , as there's an array of content for viewers. 2K Sports could refine their storytelling using this model. 2K Sports are often a bit sloppy with their game's theme and plot. A WNBA story can offer a wide range of concepts without appearing to be condescending or preachy.

    It is possible to tell a tale about a female athlete who overcomes adversity without being corny or misleading. It's a story that is familiar for female athletes in general. Animations - The gameplay in NBA 2K is solid. It's fun, but it can be a real difficult task if you select the right setting. But, 2K has suffered from glitches and broken animations for a long time. Broken animations are a problem that has plagued 2K for at least three decades. It can be very annoying.

    The majority of glitches happen on the defense side of the court. It is a crapshoot within NBA 2K as there is very high probability that the ball will go invisibility. It is impossible to steal AI's ball as long as it is not concealed. It creates unfairness in the game as these issues do not affect computer-controlled teams. I would want to see a group of 2K Sports developers takes time to address these problems. I'm confident that these problems that are addressed will increase the quality of the game.

    Shot Contests - NBA 2K20 introduced a new shot contest, based on different criteria than the previous years. The system for contest shots last year was an attacker-sided system. It was difficult for defense to stop an attacking player. The new system of contest is based upon the defender's proximity to the attacking player.

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