The maximum combat level for combat in Runescape Classic was 123 Cover Image


The maximum combat level for combat in Runescape Classic was 123

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    It was difficult to learn magic, and the Runecrafting skill prevented runes from being affordable. While magic was given more credibility with the release of god spells, it was mostly an addition to melee. Runescape Classic Attack, Strength and Magic were more well-liked in combat calculation over Ranged or Magic.

    The maximum combat level for combat in Runescape Classic was 123. The calculation of combat did not change with the Runescape 2 change. Prayer was made a larger element of the calculation. This resulted in the level of combat being increased to 122. The calculation did not favor the use of magic or ranged less or more. However, they were in the actual combat system.

    The classes ranged and magic were introduced. The spring 2004 and 2005 updates gave ranged and magic high-tier armors, as well as brand different attacks (e.g. the Ancient Magicks Spell Book), which gives you better access to arrows and runes. These classes were more effective than the melee and could be considered to be equal.

    But the calculation remained unchanged. This allowed for a maxed magical or ranged player (let's say 99 defense and 99 ranged/maged) to be between 100 and 110, while and the maximum melee player would be at or around 120 levels. These numbers are not adjusted to reflect prayer or hitpoints. This could permit Ranged or Magic players to enjoy a significant advantage over Melee players in PvP games.

    Now we go back around eight years, and move into the Evolution of Combat update. The update restores balance to the combat triangle. Now, the combat classes are not "arguably identical" however they are clearly balanced.

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